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    Accurate Diagnosis Vital in Determining Extent of Work Injury

Accurate Diagnosis Vital in Determining Extent of Work Injury

A work injury is often a difficult issue to handle, both from the employer and employee point of view. The employer does not want to lose money, but also wants to avoid facing a lawsuit. The employee does not want to endanger his job, but often needs financial compensation to pursue the necessary treatment. […]

Back Pain Medication for Work Injury

Have you been hurt on the job? Are you experiencing discomfort in your lower back? If so, the pain could be a symptom of SI joint dysfunction. With a proper diagnosis, a medical specialist should be able to determine the source of your back pain. If it is in fact SI joint dysfunction related […]

SI Joint Injection for Work Injury Relief

For those suffering from SI joint pain related to a work injury, there are four categories of treatment typically considered. Those include physical therapy and exercise, medication, surgery, and SI joint injections. The latter is an extremely popular choice because it is minimally invasive and highly efficacious.
Efficacy of SI Joint Injections
There is a substantial […]

Back Pain Treatment for Work Injury

Treating back pain can be extremely difficult in many cases. This is because other medical issues can exacerbate pain symptoms and make it hard to determine the root cause. This is especially true in the case of work-related injuries. Doctors may have trouble determining the initial cause of back pain, which can lead to […]