OptionsAre you suffering from back pain as a result of being hurt on the job? If so, you must take two important steps to properly weigh your options and make an educated decision about how to proceed.

Start By Seeing a Medical Specialist

While you may feel like you know what’s wrong, never rely on a self-diagnosis when it comes to something as serious as back pain. You should make an appointment to see a medical specialist as soon as possible. During your initial appointment, you will be given a medical diagnosis to help determine what’s causing your back pain.

Determine Workers’ Comp Benefits

Once a doctor has examined you and provided an accurate diagnosis, you should look into your workers’ comp benefits to determine what is covered. This will allow you to weigh your treatment options and find relief.

Your Options for Back Pain

The good news for those suffering from back pain is that there are many different options and solutions. These include physical therapy, exercise, medications, injections, and surgery. You will likely be presented with multiple options and will be required to weigh the positives and negatives of each. It is best to start with the least invasive procedures and work from there.