SI Joint InjectionsFor those suffering from SI joint pain related to a work injury, there are four categories of treatment typically considered. Those include physical therapy and exercise, medication, surgery, and SI joint injections. The latter is an extremely popular choice because it is minimally invasive and highly efficacious.

Efficacy of SI Joint Injections

There is a substantial amount of existing research to prove the efficacy of SI joint injections. Because they are a low risk procedure, injections are typically pursued before surgical options and do an excellent job of treating pain and diagnosing particular joint problems.

Complications Related to SI Joint Injections

When compared with other surgical alternatives like joint facet resurfacing, joint replacement, and joint fusion, injections have a very low possibility of complication. Aside from possible mild allergic reactions, bruising, soreness, or infection, injections are relatively risk free.

Recovery from SI Joint Injections

The recovery process for SI joint injections is also very minimal. Most can expect to experience some soreness and mild discomfort for 1-2 days. During this time, individuals are advised to avoid strenuous activity.

When looking for the best treatment option for work-related back pain, consider SI joint injections. They may provide the relief you have been looking for.