Back PainAnyone who has suffered from back pain understands how debilitating and frustrating it can be. It can make even the simplest tasks difficult and can lead to serious depression and mood swings. When your back pain stems from a work injury, it can be even harder to justify the discomfort. The good news for those currently suffering from back pain is that relief is possible. And if your back pain is the result of a work injury, workers’ comp may cover your treatment.

 SI Joint Pain

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, or SI joint pain, results from irritation or inflammation in the joints connecting the pelvis to the spine. When these joints become inflamed, they can cause serious back pain and immobility. The pain may be localized, or radiate to the buttocks and thighs.

What Causes SI Joint Pain?

For those with jobs that require constant lifting and moving, SI joint pain is quite common. To find out if you have SI joint dysfunction and whether it is considered a work injury, you will need to see a medical specialist for an accurate diagnosis. Once correctly diagnosed, you should see a legal professional to determine whether you can receive any benefits from your place of employment.