Accurate DiagnosisA work injury is often a difficult issue to handle, both from the employer and employee point of view. The employer does not want to lose money, but also wants to avoid facing a lawsuit. The employee does not want to endanger his job, but often needs financial compensation to pursue the necessary treatment. If you are suffering from back pain you believe is the result of a work-related injury, it is important to obtain an accurate diagnosis from a respected medical professional.

The Importance of the Diagnosis

An accurate diagnosis is important for two reasons. First, it provides you with the information necessary to pursue treatment and pain relief. Without a proper understanding of the source of your pain, it is unlikely you will experience any long-term relief. Second, you need an accurate diagnosis to receive the workers’ comp benefits you are owed. Paperwork must be filed, and details regarding the injury and diagnosis are required.

The Process

While the diagnostic process will differ from patient to patient, there are typically three stages. First, a doctor will gather your personal medical history to identify any other possible causes. Second, diagnostic tests will be conducted to find the root cause. Third, confirmation tests will be conducted to determine the accuracy of the original diagnosis.